Fleet Racing

Seneca Yacht Club's racing program features a Sunday morning racing schedule, holiday weekend series and regional regattas scheduled throughout the season. The season begins with Memorial Day weekend and ends in September.

Three fleets compete, including Cruising Class vessels, Stars, and Thistles.  


Courses are subject to racing instructions and signals on the committee boat prior to the race.  A few examples: MO—Olympic triangle with start/finish line in the middle of the weather leg, finishing on the third windward leg. W—Windward/leeward with an offset mark, start and finish in the middle of the weather leg, finishing on the third windward leg.


Weather and wind conditions affect the position of finish lines and the number of legs of each race.  The starting and finishing lines are between an orange pyramid mark and the blue flag on the committee boat.

Approximate starting times are 10:00 AM for morning races and 2 PM for afternoon races. Two races, back to back are usually scheduled on Sunday mornings.

Rules are governed by US Sailing and the rules of the class associations.

Each fleet has its own set of awards and trophies presented at the annual Hauling Out Party

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