General Regatta Information:


Check out our travel directions page for hotel information. To be a guest at a member's home, contact the regatta chairperson.

Camping Space

Camping is available in our south lot and to the rear of the main parking lot. Showers, phone, kitchen, etc. are available in the clubhouse.



Seneca Yacht Club is smokefree. No dogs are allowed past the west side of the road, past the entrance gate, in the launch areas or on the lawn. Young children require on-shore supervision at all times.

Trailer Parking Depending on the regatta, parking may be arranged in the main parking lot or at the launch area.

Mooring If mooring is an option, ground tackle for 8-12' of water is sufficient in the anchorage in front of the club. If dock space has been made available for the event, boats can be cross-tied in the slips.



Two 1 ton hoists are on the concrete apron launch area. Please follow directions and ask for assistance if necessary.

2020 Regattas:

Senecanoe Thistle Regatta- Contact:  Jim Gindling /


NYS Championship Star Regatta - Contact: Tom White  /


Doug Wisor Memorial Laser RegattaContact: Jim Gindling /


Annual Star Class Chili Regatta - Contact:  Tom White  /


Cruising Class Regatta - Contact:  Tom West /

For additional information please contact the regatta chairperson.