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Seneca Yacht Club Photos from the 1950's & 60's

1953— Junior Sailing Class. Left to right: Martha Rice, Donna McLellan, Anne Skinner, Diane Brown, Carol Lewis, Dede Abott, Carol McLellan. 

P.B. Oakley Photo


1953 — Junior Sailing's Penguin Fleet. Jay Fitzgerald at the helm. 

P.B. Oakley Photo


1961 — Martha Rice, Junior Sailing Instructor

gov's visit.jpg

1957— Averill Harriman, NYS Governor visits the National Thistle Regatta. Left to right: Rick Shepard, Gov. Harriman, Ray Rice, Cebern Lee, Art Arms and Tom Parkman, back to camera.


1953 — Penguin Bailing. Donna McLellan and Diane Brown 

P.B. Oakley Photo

1950's conversation.jpg

A conversation in the 1950's among Oliver Wood (seated), Bill Mulvey, Sr., Bing Murray, Richard Mulvey and E.C. 'Lauty' Lautenslager, an artist whose illustrations captured many aspects of life at SYC.


1953 — Thistle Launch. Left to right: Martha Rice, crew, Tim Rice, crew and Dede Wilson, skipper.


1957 — Planning for the 1957 National Thistle Regatta. Left to right: Cebern Lee, Ray Rice, Art Arms. P.B. Oakley Photo


1957 — Ray Rice, Chair of National Thistle Regatta

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